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8 Rescued from Cambodian Human Traffickers Return to Thailand

Victim had 3 pints blood withdrawn before her organs were to be harvested

Thai Human Trafficking Victims Rescued from Cambodia

Eight Thai people were rescued after being lured into illegal work in Cambodia, including a woman whose blood was being withdrawn before she was to be killed for her organs.

Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn went to the Ban Klong Luek border checkpoint in Aranyaprathet District of Sa Kaeo March 9 to receive one man and seven women from Cambodian immigration police. The eight Thais were victims of a Chinese human-trafficking gang.

Earlier they had been lured into working for the gang’s call-center scam. Later they managed to seek help from the Thai embassy in Phnom Penh. Finally, they were rescued from a building in Sihanoukville.

Among the victim was a 25-year-old woman from Bangkok. She was assaulted and knocked unconscious with electric stun gun. During her subsequent detention, three bags of her blood were withdrawn from her arm. Fortunately, officials of the Thai embassy and Cambodia rescued her from death.

Investigation revealed that the Chinese gang wanted to sell her organs. It planned to kill her with blood withdrawal before getting her organs.

Surachate warned Thai people to check carefully claimed job opportunities in Cambodia and not to sneak into the neighboring country for work. He said about 3,000 Thai people were working illegally in Cambodia.