Dec 15, 2016 - Preah Rumkel, Cambodia. A fisherman lays a net in a pool where the dolphins have recently relocated to. The paticular stretch of area near the Laos-Cambodia border was once the protected home of the Mekong Irrawaddy dolphins. The cacophony of noise from daily explosives used by workers building the Don Sahong dam has forced the dolphins into unprotected waters. © Thomas Cristofoletti / Ruom

Cambodia Races to Save Last Mekong Dolphins

. The last Irrawaddy dolphin in Laos is dead and the few remaining in Cambodia face a multitude of threats.
The Sadao border crossing with Malaysia.

Sadao Border Crossing Closed Until Sept. 25

Thais in Malaysia hoping to return home will have to find another route after the Sadao border crossing was closed for two weeks. The closure,...
At Phumin Temple, which is thought to be about 425 years old, inspectors new cracks in the main Buddha statue

Ancient Nan Temple Damaged by 5.8-Magnitude Earthquake in Laos

Northern Thai provinces were shaken awake early Monday by a magnitude-5.8 earthquake that hit Laos. The Earthquake Observation Division of Thailand’s Meteorological Department said the...
YouGov Survey Chart on Testing in ASEAN-2

Thais Most-Likely to Have Been Tested for Covid-19 in SE Asia...

6,000+ interviews also find Thais going out more than anyone except Vietnamese.
Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman Malaysian Transwoman Transgender Social Media Celebrity Arrested Thailand Asylum Australia

Celebrity Malaysian Transwoman Facing Thai Immigration Charges Seeks Asylum

Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman, a 36-year-old transwoman from Malaysia, is reportedly seeking to claim asylum in Thailand for fear that her deportation to her homeland,...
Thailand Vietnam Massaman Curry Thai Food

Thailand, Vietnam Strengthen Ties Over Bowls of Massaman Curry

Thailand’s world-famous Massaman curry is no longer just a tasty dish but a diplomatic tool that is furthering ties with Vietnam. Due to the uptick...
Thailand researchers testing coronavirus vaccine

New Evidence Casts Doubts on Accuracy of Thailand’s Official Coronavirus Statistics

Deported Burmese migrants test positive for Covid-19 after returning from Thailand.
A military patrol searches for illegal migrants on the border with Cambodia.

Thailand Battens Down Myanmar Border As Coronavirus Surges in Rakhine

Health officials in areas bordering Myanmar have been ordered to watch out for illegal migrants as the coronavirus spreads in the neighboring country. Dr. Sophon...

Indonesia Opens Bali with Special Tourist Visa for 23 Countries, Including...

Indonesia is launching special tourism visa services for foreign visitors from 23 countries, including Thailand, to visit Bali. Thailand’s Foreign Affairs Ministry recently confirmed the...

Ignoring Junta’s Human Rights Abuses, PTTEP Ups Stake in Myanmar Gas...

PTT Exploration and Production said other shareholders raised their stakes in the Yadana gas production project in Myanmar to ensure energy security in Thailand...
Thai army patrols the Myanmar border in the north to catch illegal migrants after hundreds of Covid-19 cases were reported in August.

Actions Speaking Louder Than Words About Reopening Thailand’s Borders

As tourism officials blather on about long-stay visitors, army locking down borders tighter than ever amid Burmese outbreak.
U.S. Asean Summit Washington 2022

ASEAN Washington Summit Marks ‘New Era’ in U.S.-SE Asia Relationship

U.S. President Joe Biden called the first Washington summit of leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations the start of a "new era"...
malaysia-thailand-border checkpoint Crossing

Thailand to Reopen Malaysia Border Checkpoints in March

Thailand will reopen border crossings with Malaysia next month. Government spokeswoman Rachada Dhnadirek said Monday that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha ordered the Center for Covid-19...
Law Freedom Missing Activists Thaialnd

Nowhere Is Safe: SE Asia’s Strongmen Conspiring to Disappear Activists

Commentary: Even when they escape their own countries, pro-democracy activists often pay with their lives writes James Lovelock
Residents of Cambodia's Kompong Khleang commute by boat. Vaccinating those in rural areas will be a challenge for the government. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Cambodia to Begin Mass Covid-19 Vaccinations, Aided by Australia, China, India

Cambodia is gearing up for mass inoculations against the Covid-19 virus, with China providing the first million doses while India has been asked to...
Cambodia Phnom Penh Street 104 Bars Girls Bargirls Hookers

Cambodia to Fully Reopen in 2 Weeks … If Covid-19 Cases...

Cambodia will totally reopen in two weeks if daily Covid-19 case numbers remain at current levels, Prime Minister Hun Sen said. Speaking at the annual...
Myanmar Chinese Investors Businesses abuse human rights violations Burmese workers

Chinese Firms Given Free Rein to Abuse Workers in Myanmar

YANGON – Already battered by a military junta happy to kill anyone who opposes it, Myanmar workers also are being abused by Chinese businesses...
Sister Ann Rosa Nu Tawng kneels and pleads with security personnel not to shoot unarmed civilians in Myitkyina, capital of Kachin state, on Feb. 28. (Photo supplied)

Myanmar’s ‘Kneeling Nun’ Took on Junta; Now She Fights for Covid-19...

For Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng, her role during the pandemic is not much different from her role during political unrest
Health workers in Myanmar Covid-19 Coronavirus

‘Wolf at the Door’ as Myanmar’s Coronavirus Epidemic Reaches Thai Border

Disease control director predicts Thailand Covid-19 cases to soar 68% to 6,000
Mekong River Commission – Joint Project on Flood and Drought Management

Facebook to Send Flood, Drought Alerts to Lower Mekong Communities

Residents and local governments along the Lower Mekong can now get flood alerts and drought-monitoring information through Facebook under a new partnership with the...
ASEAN Summit 2021 Teleconference Zoom Video Conference Prayut Thailand

Prayut Urges ASEAN to Reopen Faster, Cooperate More on Covid-19

Thailand’s prime minister called on Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries to reopen wider to travelers and collaboratively deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The 38th...
Masks and social distancing are few and far to be seen every night at Bangkok's Artbox on Sukhumvit Road.

Thailand’s 2nd Wave is Coming: Vietnam Proves It

Obvious parallels of open economy, waning mask use, more domestic tourism and rising illegal immigration make new Thai outbreak a matter of when, not if.
A man pushes a stroller on a street in Ho Chi Minh City. Many men have given up their jobs to look after their children so that their spouses can pursue careers. (Photo: UCA News)

Vietnam’s Men Suffering Inferiority Complexes as Women Assume Breadwinner Roles

Society tells men they should be the man of the house, but, increasingly, it's women wearing the pants
Use of coronavirus facemasks in southeast asia

Thais most fanatical about facemasks, hand gel in SE Asia

In what won’t be a shock to anyone wandering through Bangkok, Thais wear facemasks and use hand sanitizer more than any other people in...
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