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Thai Woman in Malaysia Sexually Assaulted by Chinese Man Given Sultan’s Title

Thai WOman Malaysia Assaulted by Datuk Seri Klang-1

A Thai woman in Malaysia was left “disfigured” following a sexual assault by a high-ranking business leader after she rejected his drunk advances.

Police in Klang, Selangor said they were investigating the report that a “Datuk Seri” and his bodyguards assaulted a group of women dining at a seafood restaurant Dec. 9.

“Datuk Seri” is the highest-ranking state award title bestowed by sultans or heads of state in Malaysia and is given to individuals to “recognize contributions” to society.

The Datuk Seri suspected of the assault has not been identified, although it is known he is a well-known Chinese businessman.

Speaking to Malaysia’s Chinese-language daily, China Press, the victim said she, her Chinese boyfriend and a group of other friends were eating when, about midnight, a raucous group of drunk Chinese men came into their dining room and blocked the exit.

Thai WOman Malaysia Assaulted by Datuk Seri Klang-1

The Datuk Seri, dressed in a blue shirt and white hat, allegedly assaulted a female friend who, when she tried to resist, was slapped several times.

The drunk predator then moved to her, groping her sexually. The victim said she screamed, but got the Datuk Seri’s elbow to the face six time, breaking her nose.

“He panicked and told me, ‘if you don’t shut up and be quiet, I’ll show you how great I am!’” the woman told China Press. She said the encounter has left her face “disfigured”.

She tried to flee, but was stopped by bodyguards. The Datuk Seri then threatened her not to tell anyone about the incident.

Her boyfriend, who had been out of the room, returned only after the Chinese men left. She said restaurant staff apologized profusely.

The woman said it was the first time she had been assaulted in Malaysia, where she has lived for three years.

She filed a report with Klang police, who said on Dec. 15 it was verifying the Datuk Seri’s identity. As of Dec. 19, no arrest had been made.

Given the man’s high honorary title, there is doubt one ever will be made. The woman said that since her story was reported by local media, including The Star, Malaysia’s top English-language newspaper, she had been harassed with messages and hang-up calls, leading her to believe the victim or his goons are trying to contact her.