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6,000 Packs Cigarettes Seized from Chinese Man’s Bangkok Business

Bangkok Police seize 6,000 packs illegally imported cigarettes chinese national arrested

Bangkok police arrested a Chinese man with more than 6,000 packs of illegally imported cigarettes.

Krua Baan Cha Teochew on Kanlapaphruek Road and a house on Rama 2 Road, both in Bang Khae District, were raided after local retailers complained that cheap, untaxed foreign cigarettes were flooding the market there.

Police found 644 cartons of illegally-imported smokes – a total of 6,440 packs – worth more than 4 million baht.

A Chinese national, identified only as Su, 39, was arrested. Police said he had proof the cigarettes were legal. He couldn’t actually produce any of those documents, however, claiming he had “temporarily misplaced” them.

The cigarettes were seized by chain-smoking police and Su was charged with ducking excise taxes through illegal smuggling.