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Activists Commemorate 88th Anniversary of 1932 Revolution Amid Tense Police Presence

1932 Commeoration Bangkok 1

Hundreds of Thai pro-democracy activists commemorated the 88th anniversary of the revolution that brought an end to the absolute monarchy in 1932 in multiple events Wednesday.

Events began early at the Democracy Monument morning even as government security officers warned the small group about breaking the law or violating social-distancing rules. Police placed no-entry signs at the monument but later allowed the activists to hold the activities.

Advocates carried on with speeches and a holographic projection of a plaque earlier removed by the government.

At noon, demonstrators assembled outside parliament for more speeches and the unveiling of another plaque.

Police created no obstacles here as speakers demanded the government restore true democracy, while a splinter set of protestors called for amendment of the constitution.

Some speakers were shouted down by counterprotestors arguing the 1932 revolution did more harm than good and that Thailand should align its laws with Buddhist teachings.

The day’s finale came at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre,w which featured a reading of the 1932 proclamation. Police hovered close by, adding tension to the event as speeches the unveling of another plaque commenced. But, in the end, there was no disturbance.

While authorities did not obstruct the commutations in the capital, student and legal groups in Khon Kaen and Surin claimed police threatened student groups and suppressed planned events there.