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Bangkok Banned Trucks Without Planning Where to Park Them During Day

Bangkok Bans Trucks to Control PM2.5

Bangkok banned big trucks but didn’t plan what to do with the heavy vehicles while they waited all day to enter the city limits.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration acknowledged Monday that its plan to reduce so-called “PM 2.5” microscopic-dust particles by prohibiting trucks with six or more wheels from accessing some areas during daytime hours was creating problems for the freight and construction industries.

To mitigate the burden on trucking companies, city hall said it will discuss with related sectors appropriate spots to be designated “rest areas” for truckers who have to wait before being allowed into the city.

Hopefully, trucks at those stops will be required to turn off their engines. Otherwise, all Bangkok will have done is relocated the PM 2.5.

Wirat Manassanitwong, director of the Bangkok Environment Department, said the plan to keep trucks out is still being considered by the Royal Thai Police. It will be enforced only if the Traffic Police Division decides to give it the go-ahead.

However, according to reports conducted in 2018 by the Pollution Control Department and Asia Institute of Technology, 72.5 percent of PM 2.5 is sourced from vehicle-engine combustion, divided into 28 percent from trucks, 21 percent from pickup trucks and 10 percent from passenger cars,

Only 7 percent came from buses, 5 percent from motorcycles and 1.5 percent from vans.

Other PM 2.5 sources are 17 percent from factories, 5 percent from burning in open areas and 5.5 percent from other causes.