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Bangkok Motorcyclist Kills Self on Midnight Drive to Celebrate End of Curfew

Thonburi Motorcycle Wreck Curew

A Lopburi man who decided to celebrate the end of the national curfew with a midnight motorcycle ride killed himself when he ran into a construction barrier in Bangkok.

Nattachon Makool, 21, was died at the scene of the wreck under the BTS Thonburi Station.

The Thonburi Expressway near the Sathorn bridge is normally four lanes wide, but one lane was closed overnight for electrical work. Concrete barriers had been placed, but Nattachon apparently didn’t see them in time as he raced down the highway at high speed.

Two hours before taking off on his fateful ride, Nattachon had posted to his Facebook page that he going to mark the end of the 11 p.m.–3 a.m. curfew with a midnight ride, saying he was finally “free”.