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Bangkok Rebuilding Sidewalks in Pathumwan-Ratchaprasong Area

BMA improving footpaths in Pathumwan-Ratchaprasong area
BMA improving footpaths in Pathumwan-Ratchaprasong area

City hall is improving sidewalks along Rama 1 Road and beautifying the downtown cityscape to provide a fresh look to returning international tourists.

Bangkok authorities are aiming to complete the improvements by March, after which improvement works will shift to other areas.

Bangkok Gov. Aswin Kwanmuang inspected the progress of the project to improve the aesthetics of the stretch of Rama 1 from the Pathumwan junction to the Ratchaprasong intersection on Tuesday.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration aims to make the footpaths safe and accessible to all groups of people.

Utility apparatus underneath the footpaths, and obstacles on the footpaths such as advertisement signs, electricity cabinets and motorcycle-taxi stands, are being re-organized. Water retention areas are also being increased, to mitigate flash floods that frequently occur during heavy rain.

The improvement project stretches 1,010 meters, with the average width of the completed footpath set at five meters.

Landscape architecture, street furniture and universal design concepts are being employed to create new sidewalks.

Notably, slopes for wheelchairs are being created at spots that are currently impassable to wheelchairs. Improvements are also being made to footpath lighting and the adjacent road surface.

According to the governor, one of the objectives of the project is to maintain Bangkok’s attractiveness as a beautiful city and a highly preferred destination among international travelers.

Although the project is only about 5 percent complete, the BMA is prioritizing the completion of the section most used by pedestrians that stretches for about 330 meters from the Pathumwan intersection to Lido Theater.

The BMA has plans to make similar landscape improvements in 4-5 localities of Bangkok in the future.