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Bangkok to Launch Government-Run Food Bank

Thailand Bangkok BKK Food Bank

An initiative to improve food security in Bangkok while reducing waste has been launched with the involvement of the capital’s 50 district offices.

The offices will receive excess food from partner entities and distribute it to vulnerable individuals.

The BKK Food Bank policy is being piloted by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Bang Khun Thien District office, with an aim of increasing food security for Bangkok residents and effectively allocating aid to vulnerable individuals.

During the first phase of policy’s implementation, district offices will perform the central role of receiving delivered food and distributing it accordingly. As the scheme progresses, the private sector and individuals will be able to directly send food to target communities.

BKK Food Bank is a collaborative undertaking between the BMA, the private sector, civil society and agencies already undertaking similar work. Surplus food and raw materials from entities such as hotels, malls, markets, grocery stores and food centers will be distributed to those in need, including vulnerable individuals, the urban poor and individuals afflicted by disasters or emergencies.

The BMA will work with partner agencies such as the Sustenance Foundation to implement BKK Food Bank.

Partner proposals will meanwhile be used to calibrate the implementation of the BKK Food Bank so that all 50 district offices can coordinate their efforts.