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Bangkok to Renovate Khlong Chong Nonsi Into New Tourist Attraction

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is planning to expand and renovate the walkways by Khlong Chong Nonsi to develop the downtown canal into a new tourism attraction.

City hall’s Department of Drainage and Sewerage is now working to transform the khlong into a recreational space by April.

The project is divided into an “urgent”, short-term phase, which includes the removal of garbage and debris, cleaning of surrounding areas and landscaping. Tenants of surrounding buildings are asked not to release any wastewater, fat or oil into the canal.

The long-term development phase will include the renovation of the sewers and landscaping.

Khlong Chong Nonsi plays a vital role in flood prevention in Bang Rao, Sathorn and Yannawa districts of Bangkok by collecting rainwater and funneling it into the Chao Phraya River.

The BMA will be designing new, wider walkways along the canal for greater pedestrian convenience and provide better scenery.

City hall plans for these new walkways to be built by private companies and retail stores in the area for free – as a “donation – instead of paying the BMA. If not enough “donations” pour in, the BMA said it would relucatnatly fund the project itself.

The construction of the new walkways is expected to be completed by April.

Once complete, the renovated Khlong Chong Nonsi will become a new tourism attraction in Bangkok, which will help promote trade and stimulate the grassroot economy, improving the livelihoods of Bangkok residents.