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Bangkok Volunteers Clean Mess, Graffiti Left Behind by Anti-Government Protestors

Volunteers Clean Police Temple Thailand Protests-1

Bangkok residents came out to clean up after this week’s messy protest outside the Royal Thai Police headquarters.

Volunteers gathered Thursday in front of Pathumwanaram Ratchaworawihan Temple to scrub the road surface and paint the temple’s fence, which had been defaced by graffiti by the anti-government demonstrators.

Throughout the day, people arrived to help clean up the roadway and the fence. All insisted they were volunteers who brought teir own tools, paint buckets and brooms to scrub the floor, fence and nearby places.

They said they would like everyone to find a solution to the political problems so that the country can return to peacefulness.

Meanwhile, police authorities rushed to clean the RTP’s fence and scraped paint off before the end of the long holiday weekend.

Volunteers Clean Police Temple Thailand Protests-1