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Cabbie Beats Tourist with Iron Bar in Fare Dispute at Bangkok Bar Complex

Bangkok Nightlife Bars Clubs RCA Taxi Beats Chinese Tourist
The attack occurred outside the RCA entertainment zone in Bangkok.

A Bangkok taxi driver attacked a Chinese tourist with an iron bar in a fare dispute at a Bangkok entertainment complex.

The driver, identified only as Atsadawut, 44, surrendered to Makkasan police Sunday after police obtained dashcam video of the incident at the RCA nightclub zone at 1:10 a.m. June 4. He reportedly confessed and was charged with assault resulting in injury.

The unidentified tourist suffered a crushing head injury and other wounds after being hit with the steel bar Atsadawut is seen retrieving from his trunk during the altercation.

The witness who videoed the attack said Atsadawut and the Chinese man, who appeared drunk, were arguing furiously, presumably over the non-metered fare. During the argument, the Chinese man slammed his hand down on the car. That prompted Atsadawut to get out of his cab, open the trunk, grab the bar and beat the tourist.

A Thai national and another foreign friend of the victim intervened to stop the violence. Atsadawut then jumped in his cab and sped off, leaving the Chinese man bleeding on the ground.

Police said Atsadawut admitted to the assault, saying he was angry that the tourist pounded his car.