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Flooding Finally Drops at Samut Prakan Industrial Estate

Flooding Samut Prakan Bangpoo Industrial Estate

Flooding has abated at the Bangpoo Industrial Estate in Samut Prakan, which had been more than one meter under water over the past two days.

Roads inside the industrial compound became passable again for cars and motorcycles Tuesday. Workers returned to their factories and surveyed the damage of their vehicles that had been inundated. At least 50 cars and about 300 motorcycles were damaged.

Meanwhile, flood levels were at 30-50 centimeters deep in the Muang Ake housing estate adjacent to the Bangpoo Industrial Estate. Local residents remained in trouble because it rained last night and floodwater there subsided slightly.

Bangpoo Mayor Theeraphol Chuncharoen ordered the installation of big pumps to speed up drainage at the housing estate.