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Hua Lamphong Won’t Be Demolished, Closed, SRT Pledges

Hua Lumphong Rail Train Station Bangkok Thailand

The State Railway of Thailand affirmed that the Hua Lamphong rail station will not be demolished or closed.

SRT spokesman Ekarat Sri-arayanpong said Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob ordered the railway to organize public hearings on the future of historic Hua Lamphong.

The director said the station would be commercially developed and was likely to generate 800 billion baht for the SRT in 30 years. The revenue would be enough for the state enterprise to solve its accumulated losses worth 150-160 billion baht, he said.

SRT set up SRT Asset Co. to manage the development of all its land plots and would prevent the Hua Lamphong development project from affecting general people, Mr. Ekarat said.