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Kitten Trapped Under Bangkok Bridge Refuses Rescue

Cat Trapped Under Bangkok Brdige

Bangkok rescue workers spent two hours climbing a Chatuchak bridge to rescue a trapped kitten who didn’t want to be rescued.

A food delivery driver said he stopped in traffic under the overpass at the Kaset-Nawamin intersection Wednesday and heard loud mewing. He looked up and spotted the kitten, about four months old, high up under the roadway.

He called the local rescue foundation to help but it apparently takes a feline to get where the kitty got. Volunteers rappelled down from the street above and tried to nab the kitten, but each time it ran to an opposite corner.

After two hours, the crew gave up. The kitty got up there itself, Let it get down itself.

Concerned neighbors said they’ve heard the cat crying for several days and have been trying to throw food up to it.