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MEA Starts Paying Off Bangkok Fire Victims

The Metropolitan Electricity Authority has made initial compensation payments to some people affected by a fire that allegedly sparked by a power transformer in Bangkok’s Sampheng Market.

Two people were killed in the fire, which raced through shophouses on Sunday.  

MEA Deputy Gov. Jaturong Suriyasasin gave financial assistance, worth 36,000 baht in total, to three vendors. Families of the dead victims received 50,000 baht each for an initial assistance.

MEA will gradually pay compensation to those affected by the blaze, including three shophouse owners, four street vendors and eight others, whose vehicles were damaged.

The investigation is under way to determine the cause of the blaze as well as damage assessment.

During inspection on power lines at the Sampheng Market, the deputy governor said that tangled wires on power poles comprised up to seven MEA power lines. Most were communication cables, belonging to private companies and half of these cables were not in use.

They were flammable materials, which partly worsened the fire at the Sampheng Market.