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Squeaky-Clean Khaosan Road Ready to Reopen in August

Khaosan Road Bangkok Thailand Renovation Revamp Facelift Complete
No water or tourists on Khao San this Songkran.

The newly sanitized, family-friendly Khaosan Road plans to reopen in August with fewer vendors and, likely, even fewer tourists.

Bangkok Deputy Gov. Sakoltee Phattiyakul said Friday that months of renovation work to repave the road, add traffic barriers and plant trees is nearly complete with the road ready to host new vendors and whatever backpackers can get into the kingdom by August.

Currently Phra Nakhon District is working with the city Drainage and Sewage Department to dredge storm drains and underground pipes to prevent flooding.

Bangkok has made good use of the lockdown period to give the grungy strip of bars, restaurants and tattoo parlors a facelift. The result is the street is clean, organized and – traditionalists moan – devoid of its soul.

Khaosan Road before its facelift. Bangkok’s deputy governor is taking pains to make sure the street doesn’t revert to its old form.

Backpackers and retired hippies are the only ones complaining, however, as both the Khaosan Community and city hall are pleased with the nearly finished product.

Sakoltee, who has made it a personal crusade to clean up Khaosan – especially its street vendors – is taking pains to make sure the street doesn’t revert to its old form. He’s personally vetting all the vendors, who’ve had to reapply to trade there.

He said Friday the number of peddlers will be reduced, with trees and greenery replacing hawker carts in various spots.

Now that Khaosan is nearly done, similar work will begin on Rambuttri, Tani and Kraisi roads to give the neighborhood a consistent look.