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16 Thai Firms to Sell Covid-19 Insurance Online for STV Tourists

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Sixteen Thai insurance companies have joined to offer foreigners hoping to visit the kingdom the required US$100,000 in health insurance.

The Insurance Office said Thursday that the consortium will take applications for the policies online for long-term visitors planning to take advantage of the newly announced Special Tourist Visa, as well as business and government travelers already eligible to enter Thailand.

In addition to insurance, those hoping to enter Thailand also must submit a “fit to fly” certificate and results of a negative coronavirus test 72 hours prior to the flight.

The new insurance policies cover both medical expense and death attributed to Covid-19. In such a case, the policy will cover funeral expenses and repatriation of the body or ashes. The benefit for medical expense and death is 3.2 million baht.

Premiums will be based on the length of stay in Thailand, from 30 days to one year and on the prevalence of Covid-19 in the country from which the tourist is coming.

Coverage starts at 1,600 baht and tops out at 14,400 baht for “low-risk” countries and 43,200 baht from coronavirus hellholes like the United States.

Participating in the program are Assets, Chubb, Navakij, Pacific Cross, Falcon, East, Asia 1950, Bangkok Life, Thailand Life.