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Cabinet Extends Cost-of-Living Subsidies Another 3 Months

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The Cabinet on Tuesday extended cost-of-living and energy subsidies for three more months.

Announcing the resolution, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said that the measures were aimed at helping people and businesses cope with the energy price crisis which was likely to persist.

“The cabinet approved the immediate measures to alleviate people’s hardships. They consist of new measures and the extension of the old measures that would expire at the end of June. They include the price of compressed natural gas being capped at 15.59 baht a kilogram and the controlled retail price of liquefied petroleum gas at 408 baht a 15-kilogram cylinder for three months from July to September,” the prime minister said.

“Besides, there will be cooking gas discounts for low-income earners through government welfare cards and a 50% subsidy for the portion of the local diesel price that exceeds 35 baht a liter for three more months. In addition, the marketing margin on diesel will be continuously capped at 1.4 baht a liter,” Prayut said.

Meanwhile, the government asked oil refiners to contribute to the Oil Fuel Fund with parts of their refinery profit to relieve people’s burdens of petrol and diesel expenses for three months from July to September, he said.

The Cabinet also agreed to ask for cooperation from refineries and gas separation plants to contribute some profits to the country’s depleted oil fuel fund for three months.

Regarding tax measures, companies will also be offered tax deductions on expenses related to holding seminars and exhibitions in the country between July and December to boost the economy.