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CESA OKs Plans to Attract Rich Foreigners, Film Crews


The government’s economic task force approved four new schemes to attract rich foreigners to Thailand, overseas film productions and support cloud-computing and tech startups.

The Covid-19 Economic Situation Administration, charged with reviving the economy after the coronavirus pandemic, prepared the four new campaigns streamline of measures to promote businesses in the technology sector.

As for high-net worth foreigners, they’re welcome, but still can’t own land.

The committee also acknowledged the rebound of Thailand’s gross domestic product to a 1.2 percent this year, claiming it was it a successful outcome of the government’s in pandemic control strategy. Exports, however, were most of the reason for the economic improvement.

The CESA said the government is willing to support investments in cloud computing and data collection, in an attempt to drive forward Thailand’s digital sector.

He said all related agencies, including the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Interior, have been asked to ensure the preparedness of basic infrastructure, and to streamline regulations to better promote tech companies and startups, particularly those owned by the new generation of Thais.