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Thailand OKs 3 New Job, Income Programs to Revive Economy

Thais shop at street carts and outdoor markets in Pattaya in mid-November 2020. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)
Thais shop at street carts and outdoor markets in Pattaya in mid-November 2020.

The Cabinet on Wednesday approved three new job and income-promotion campaigns for local communities costing about 112 million baht.

The campaigns – the first of several “new year’s gifts” promised by the government to boost the economy – will be funded by the 400-billion-baht economic and social-recovery budget. The three new campaigns will focus mainly on the promotion of jobs and improved incomes in local communities.

The first campaign is the OTOP products campaign, a further promotion of the existing One Tambon One Product campaign with a “new normal” implementation by the Interior Ministry.

In this 95-million-baht campaign, OTOP fairs will be organized showcasing locally made products, cuisine, community-based tourism, demonstrations of local wisdom and other exhibitions.

The campaign is expected to help improve marketing opportunities for 3-5-star OTOP entrepreneurs in 76 provinces.

The second campaign is a community herb cultivation and processing promotion campaign by the Ministry of Public Health, which will also be marketed under OTOP branding. This campaign will help train farmers in how to create innovations and add value to locally grown and processed herbs, and how to develop this local produce into an export-grade products.

This campaign will target farmers in the 10 Wannakaset herb cultivation-promotion areas, 250 OTOP entrepreneurs and 2,500 persons from community enterprises and the general public.

The third campaign that has just been approved is the Thai massage occupational workshop, which will provide a 150-hour Thai massage course over 20 classes, with 40 trainees per class. The campaign will also provide a 60-hour foot massage course in five classes, with 40 trainees per class.

It is expected this campaign will help provide occupational skills for people affected by the Covid-19 crisis, helping them to start a new occupation, and helping increase the number of skilled workers in the tourism sector.