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Cooking Gas Price Increases Today

Cooking Gas Thailand

The price of cooking gas rose by one baht a kilogram today, resulting in the price of a 15-kg. cylinder going up to 363 baht, in line with a resolution of the board of the state’s Oil Fuel Fund to gradually increase it.

Regarding the price hike, Wattanasak Sueaiam, director-general of the Department of Internal Trade, said that his department was concerned on and aware of impacts on food prices and it was difficult to prevent their increases because the situation resulted from the war in Russia and Ukraine that were the sources of raw materials used in the food industry of Thailand.

The department would try to prevent the prices of necessary goods including pork, chicken, eggs and palm oil from rising too much, he said.

Most food vendors either used alternative ingredients or reduced the quantities of their products to let both consumers and themselves survive, Wattanasak said.

He added that the Thai Restaurant Association confirmed that the restaurants that were its members would not raise their food prices despite the rising cooking gas price.