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Diesel to Rise to 33 Baht/Liter Tomorrow

Fuel Truck Gas Station Diesel Tanker – 1
Photo: Bangkok Herald

The Oil Fuel Fund Office will raise the price of a liter of diesel fuel by one baht on May 31.

Diesel will be a maximum 33 baht a liter in June under the subsidy scheme that has plunged the state fund 81 billion baht into the red.

Wisak Watanasap, director of the office, said the board made the decision in its weekly meeting to review the local diesel price as the global diesel price rose from about US$138 a barrel last week to US$150 a barrel.

On May 29, the Oil Fuel Fund was running a loss of 81.4 billion, with 45.97 billion baht of that coming from the artificial price cap on diesel and the 35.4-billion-baht artificial control on the market price of cooking gas.