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Thailand Reimposes Diesel Price Cap at ฿32 / Liter


Thailand has reimposed a price cap on diesel fuel, this time at 32 baht a liter, two baht above the cap that ended April 30.

The Oil Fund on Monday resolved to reimpose the cap until May 16 to help the public control its cost of living.

Wisak Watanasap, director of the Oil Fuel Fund Office, said the global diesel price was at US$160.65 per barrel on May 6.

The OFFO board raised the diesel price to 32 baht per liter on May 1 and would adjust it on a weekly basis in accordance with the global diesel price.

On May 8, the Oil Fuel Fund was 66.68 billion baht in the red – 33.26 billion baht for its oil subsidy and 33.42 billion baht for its cooking gas subsidy.