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Government Researchers Devise Odor-Free Packaging for Stinky Durians

Durian Thailand Packaging Smelly Stinky Odor-Free

Durians stink. Admit it. Everyone knows it. Hotels ban them. You can’t eat them on trains or buses. They’re toxic-smelling fruit that induces heart disease. But Thais love them, so something needed to be done about the smell.

Thailand’s Institute of Scientific and Technological Research has spent gobs of taxpayer money to come up with odor-proof fruit packaging especially for durians.  

TISTR Gov. Chutima Eamchotchawalit said the packages will help e-commerce sellers and fruit growers to deliver the stickbombs more easily as even many delivery companies won’t touch them.

Other packaging has been designed for pungent mangoes and longans.

She said odor-proof boxes have been well-received by wholesalers and retailers as well as exporters.

As for the mango packages, they are strong enough to allow storage under heavy loads and ensure package integrity during transport. 

Holes are designed for proper ventilation to reduce heat and humidity inside the packages and to extend storage time.

The last one is the packages with indicators to measure the amount of sulfur dioxide (SO 2) residues on fresh longans, so consumers can select to eat fruit, safe from high chemical buildup.