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Health restrictions cut Thai restaurant income 80%, association says

Empty restaurants in Thailand are common despite reopening from the coronavirus pandemic

Sales at Thai restaurants are down 80 percent from normal due to anti-coronavirus restrictions put in place by the government, the Thai Restaurant Association said.

TRA president Thaniwan Kulmongkol said Wednesday that although the government allowed restaurants to reopen on May 3, they must follow disease-control measures such as social distancing and limiting customer capacity.

“This limits the numbers of customers eating at restaurants. Groups of family members and friends choose food delivery services instead of sitting separately at restaurants. This causes sales at restaurants to drop by as much as 80 percent,” she said.

Restaurateurs must continue to pay rent and many of them halved the salaries of employees and had them work on every other day, Thaniwan said.

She said she hoped the government would allow each restaurant to welcome more customers in its subsequent stages of easing business lockdowns.