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Sun Legal Update: New BoI 5-Year Plan

Sun Legal Sunbelt Update

Amazon’s cloud computing division AWS announced it will invest US$5 billion in infrastructure in Thailand over the next 15 years.

AWS is building a regional data center with an initial investment of 20 million baht. Further investment will include local data centers, reskilling and upskilling people through their programs such as AWS re/Start, AWS Academy and AWS Educate.

The infrastructure hub in Bangkok will help customers in Southeast Asia securely store data and serve end users better.

New Board of Investment 5-Year Plan

The Board of Investment announced a five-year promotion plan to attract investment in high technologies, green and smart industries, talent development, and businesses driven by creativity and innovation.

The government aims to make Thailand the center of bio-, circular and green industries and the logistics industry.

The plan centers around seven key aims

  1. Upgrade existing industries, in parallel with the building of new industries in which Thailand has a high potential, and an overall strengthening of the supply chain.
  2. Acceleration of the industrial transition to green and smart industries through investments in automation, digital adoption and decarbonization.
  3. Promotion of the country as a business center, and an international trade and investment gateway for the region
  4. Strengthen SMEs and startups, ensuring they are connected to the global market and supply chain.
  5. Promote investments in the different regions of Thailand that fits the potential of each area and enables inclusive growth
  6. Promotion of investments that will promote community and society development
  7. Develop Thailand’s overseas investment to expand business opportunities for Thai companies

Sun Legal will report on new investment-promotion privileges as they are announced.

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