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Sun Legal Update: Thailand on Track for 10m Tourists in ’22

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Thailand saw 6 million international arrivals this year through Aug. 30, with the highest number of arrivals through Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Phuket International.

The largest number of arrivals came from Malaysia, followed by India. The Tourism Authority of Thailand predicts 1.5 million arrivals each month until the end of the year, expecting to push the annual total over 10 million. The

TAT is pushing for electronic visas to go live for everyone. The country had given a test run to e-visas to visitors from China before the pandemic and TAT is urging the government to restart the system to attract more visitors, especially from India, which has a large population but few consulates and embassies.

In line with that, the Thai government extended the stay for those tourists arriving on a 30-day exemption to 45 days.

Thailand 3rd in Conde Nast Survey

Conde Nast’s Traveler magazine came out with the Reader’s Choice top tourism destinations with Thailand taking third best country to visit and Bangkok coming in second for best cities.

Koh Samui ranked third best island followed by Phuket in fifth and Phi Phi Island came in tenth. Many resorts and spas also ranked high in the list.

New PDPA regulations issued

The government issued new guidelines for the Personal Data Protection Act  for consent and notifications that Data Controllers need to be aware of.

The consent guidelines require:

  • Consent must be requested prior to or at the time of the collection, use or disclosure
  • Consent must be voluntarily and freely given
  • The request for consent must state the specific purpose and details of giving consent, not a generally broad purpose
  • The request for consent must have a form or statement that is easily accessible and is easy to understand in clear language
  • The request must be clearly separated from any part of the contract
  • The request must be clearly requested and the granting clearly given – such as with a checkbox that must be ticked
  • The Notification Guidelines state:
  • The Data Collection must not be used beyond the purposes stated
  • The impact arising from the collection must be clearly stated
  • Consent must be clear
  • The legitimate interest for collection must be clear
  • A Data Protection Impact Assessment must be made to identify and assess risks which may arise from the use or disclosure of the Personal Data
  • Collection of data may be given by written notice, verbal notice, SMS, e-mail, MMS format, telephone or any other electronic means

New regulations for the PDPA are being issued regularly and Sunbelt Asia will keep you apprised of these rules as they are issued. If you need any further details on the PDPA and its impact please contact us using the form below.

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