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Oil Palm Growers Demand All Diesel Sales Resume in April

Thailand Oil Palm Farmer Plantation Grower Trees

Oil palm growers said they’ll give the government four months to resume selling three kinds of diesel fuel instead of the current one.

Representatives of the Federation of Oil Palm Growers in Thailand arrived at the Energy Ministry to send a letter of their willingness to tolerate the availability of only B7 diesel from Dec. 1 to March 31 but demand that B10 and B20 be restored to the market afterward.

Oil palm growers will protest unless the government’s Energy Policy Administration Committee responds positively to the demand, the group threatened.

Manas Phuttharat, chairman of the federation, said oil palm growers would suspend their protest against the single B7 diesel availability because they did not want disorder which could affect tourism and economy.  However, he said that the policy on the single B7 diesel availability reduced the consumption of crude palm oil by 17,000 tons per month.

He said that the Energy Ministry should tell truck drivers that oil palm growers had faced losses and palm oil did not cause a high price of diesel.

Last week the EPAC resolved to suspend the production of B10 and B20 diesel with the content of 10 percent and 20 percent palm-based biodiesel respectively from December to March in a bid to cap the diesel price at gas stations at 28 baht per liter.