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5G Panel Approves Draft Support Plan, Pilot Projects

The first meeting of the government’s 5G committee saw agreement on supporting fifth-generation wireless-communications technology for the benefit of all.

The meeting was chaired by the Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and saw a draft plan for the first phase of 5G support receive approval.

Metrics for the efficiency of the technology chosen by the body include a network operating at no less than 100 mbps in municipal areas and 50 mbps in other areas, along with no less than 98 percent of the public having access to 5G signals, with the Eastern Economic Corridor and “smart cities” to have 100 percent coverage.

Pilot projects in the short term were also approved by the committee, including 5G being used to enhance farming at Pha Mhee Training Center in Chiang Rai, the Roi Jai Rak project in Chiang Mai Province and the Smart Hospital project at Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, which is to see the facility take on critical technologies and 5G enhancements.

Principles for promoting 5G usage in the industrial sector were also approved. The goal of the committee is to pioneer extensive, equal and efficient 5G utilization across the nation.