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Amended Thai Copyright Act Gives 50 Years Protection to Photographers

A newly amended Copyright Act takes Aug. 23, expanding copyright protection to online material to support Thai digital content.

Vuttikrai Leewiraphan, director-general of the Department of Intellectual Property, said changes to the Copyright Act suit the digital era by allowing internet-based service providers, such as Facebook and YouTube, to remove pirated content from their systems immediately after being informed of the offence without having to seek a court order.

The change supported the important “soft power” policy of the Commerce Ministry that wanted to promote internationally the potential digital content industry worth 209 billion baht, Vuttikrai said.

“Apart from tackling online piracy, the law extends the protection of picture copyrights to 50 years after respective photographers die. This supports the country in becoming a party to the WIPO Copyright Treaty and Thai artists will benefit from it,” said the director-general.