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Hackers Salivate as Thailand Preps ฿6.2 Billion Cloud System

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Thailand, infamous for its poor digital security and inept government programming, is giving hackers another big, juicy target, with the Cabinet approving a 6.2-billion-baht budget to build a central cloud system for government agencies by 2025.

The system will be developed by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society through National Telecom Public Company Limited, said government spokeswoman Traisulee Traisaranakul.

A cloud system refers to the components that enable the delivery of cloud computing services such as software, platforms or infrastructure via digital network, usually the Internet.

The budget covers 3.9 billion baht for cloud system rental fees, 577 million baht for online storage fees and 1.4 billion baht for the logging management and security services. It also includes 229 million baht for database license fees and 150 million baht for a cloud marketplace service.

The remaining 57 million baht will cover management and administration of the network and a round-the-clock call center.

The project is expected to significantly enhance Thailand’s telecommunications security apparatus, fulfilling digital government and “big data” policies.

Thailand’s government has a miserable record when it comes to technology, regularly and repeatedly introducing new websites, apps and databases that are quickly and easily compromised, including those covering such things as hospital records and vaccination registrations.