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Thailand Court System Building Blockchain Storage Network to Debut in 2021

Thailand’s Courts of Justice is building a blockchain network a blockchain storage network that will move judicial information entirely online in 2021.

As part of an ongoing national digitization campaign, the Office of the Court of Justice, which oversees 91 percent of Thai courtrooms, said it is “actively developing” the blockchain network.

The “digital court” network will be used to collect information for courts throughout the country. The next step will be the training of court personnel.

It’s hoped the storage network can go into use by early next year.

As so often is the case in Thailand, the court office claimed its blockchain-storage project is the first in the world. It isn’t. China already has moved reams of court data on-chain.

Digital courts using blockchain could ensure judicial authenticity and transparency. They also would have major advantages during unprecedented events such as Covid-19 pandemic.

Rather than force people to go to courtrooms in person or via video conference, China’s Internet Courts include AI judges, each with their own onscreen avatars, and deliver verdicts via chat apps.

So far, not many other jurisdictions have taken the plunge to use blockchain in their courts, but Thailand’s latest development may just push other countries to follow suit.