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Thailand’s 1st Cyber-Security Agency Begins Operations

National Cyber Security Agency NCSA-4
Photo: A24 News Agency, with permission.

Thailand has set up its first organization to cope with cyberattacks.

Called the National Cyber Security Agency, or NCSA, the organization actually was established in January but was so underfunded, it could not begin operation. Most of Thailand’s budget in 2021 has gone to fight Covid-19.

However, said Maj. Gen. Prachya Chalermwat, the NCSA’s general secretary, “we have already carried on our main mission to regulate all critical information infrastructure to strengthen the ability to protect it from cyberattack by setting a code of practice and baseline security for agencies”.

Prachya added that, with fewer than 50 officers, the agency had already cooperated with many domestic and overseas organizations to enhance all the critical information infrastructure organizations’ ability to protect themselves from cyberattacks.

NCSA Deputy Secretary-General Capt. Amorn Chomchoey said identification cards and verifications, finance, stock market, telecommunication systems, train systems, and aircraft at the airports are computer-related and they’re the critical information infrastructures that need to be watched over, protected, and secured.

“We cooperate with those organizations who operate information systems, any services, to figure out how could they protect themselves better. Our ultimate goal is that the numbers of attacks must be decreased and even if they’re attacked, the system must not be damaged, otherwise, it must be able to restore,” he said.