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Thailand’s Gov’t IT Geniuses Attempt to Merge Tourism Database Without Screwing Up

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Thailand’s government IT gurus will get a chance to screw up another tech project when they try to merge tourism-related databases as a way to enhance the industry, with a new campaign launched to create a unified database, starting with the service sector.

The Departments of Tourism, Provincial Administration, and Health Service Support signed an agreement on the tourism and service database merger Friday, aimed at enhancing the nation’s tourism industry.

Taweesak Vanichareon, director-general of the Department of Tourism, said the campaign will initially focus on tourism-related services such as homestays, spas and massages, as these facilities require higher health standards due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

Following the establishment of a unified database, these agencies will continue collecting data from these venues for the post-pandemic development of the industry.

Government information technology in Thailand has an abysmal track record of botching nearly every major project.

The National News Bureau of Thailand contributed to this report.