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Thailand Adds Chicken to Price Control List

Fried chicken wings on wooden table.

The Cabinet approved a proposal to include chickens and chicken meat in the state price control list along with tougher measures for chicken farmers, slaughterhouses and chicken feed factories.

Government spokeswoman Ratchada Dhnadirek said the inclusion of chickens and chicken meat on the state price control list is aimed at alleviating people’s hardships due to soaring food prices.

The price control list primarily controls the price of essential items for daily use such as food, consumer products, agricultural products, construction materials, paper, petroleum and medicines.

Foods on the list include garlic, rice paddy, milled rice, corn, eggs, cassava, wheat flour, powdered/fresh milk, sugar, vegetable/animal oil and pork. Listed services meanwhile include delivery for online businesses, agriculture-related services, medical services and other healthcare services, along with payment services at service points.

In order to alleviate the rising cost of living, the Cabinet allocated 1.48 billion baht from the central budget as proposed by the Commerce Ministry to fund relief measures for consumers for 3 months.

Ratchada said the Cabinet also approved measures for chicken farmers with more than 100,000 birds and chicken slaughterhouses with a capacity of over 4,000 chickens daily to report their quantity, stocks and sales every month.

In addition, the Cabinet approved tighter measures at all 55 domestic feed factories, demanding that they report on sales costs, production volume and stocks. Factories must also ask for approval from the Department of Internal Trade before they raise their product prices.