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Thailand Energy Giants to Open SE Asia’s 1st Cold-Energy Air Separation Unit

Two Thai energy giants this month will open Southeast Asia’s first air separation unit that uses cold energy from the condition changing process of liquefied natural gas.

Piyabut Charuphen, managing director of Bangkok Industrial Gas, said the new air separation unit was developed by Map Ta Phut Air Products Co., which was a joint venture of BIG and PTT Plc., situated in the Maptaput Industrial Estate in Rayong Province.

He said the new air unit will start commercial operation before the end of September and become the first air separation unit in Thailand and Southeast Asia that applies the air-separation technology that depends on cold energy that results from the condition changing process of LNG.

The technology reduces the consumption of electricity at the air separation unit and would cut carbon emissions by 28,000 tons a year.

“This plays crucial roles in preparing industries to support Thailand’s goal of net zero emissions,” Piyabut said.