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Thailand to Begin Online Lottery Ticket Sales June 2

Thailand Paotang App Mobile lottery tickets
Lottery tickets will be available on the government's Pao Tang app starting June 2.

Thailand will begin selling its government lottery tickets online starting June, giving more than 10,000 small and independent sellers another sales channel.

Government Lottery Director Noon Sansanakom said Friday that 10,513 vendors were contracted to sell government lottery tickets through the platform and at least five million lottery tickets would be available online.

Through platform, small-scale vendors will sell the lottery tickets that they receive directly from the GLO. From them, people can buy lottery tickets at their 80-baht official price and also support the living of the small-scale vendors.

People can download and install the Pao Tang app and use it to buy lottery tickets. Buyers must be 20 years old or above and cannot resell lottery tickets.