Thailand Blue Zone Sandbox Entry Regulation Rules Immigration Quarantine

While headlines have been dominated by the false promise of “no quarantine” entry to Thailand for fully vaccinated tourists from 46 regions, the country is also reopening to citizens of places not on the list, albeit with more quarantine.

The ballyhooed “Test & Go” slogan put out by the Tourism Authority of Thailand is a lie. And “no quarantine” is a joke. At least one night at a quarantine hotel is needed, perhaps two if you coronavirus test results don’t come back before checkout.

“Test & Go”? It should be called “Buy pricey insurance, book a pricey one-night quarantine, submit a half-dozen documents, wait up to five days for approval, then test and go.”

Thai officials apparently aren’t letting the truth get in the way of a good marketing slogan.

For those who not on the list of approved “low-risk” countries – think India and Russia for starters – they, too, can enter Thaialnd and spend their first week trapped in one province or provincial district.

The TAT has prepared a “user-friendly checklist” of points covering before, during and after travelling to Thailand under the “Living in the Blue Zone” sandbox program.

Before You Arrive


  • Travel by air from any country around the world.
  • Stay the first 7 nights within one of the 17 Blue Zone Sandbox destinations if planning to continue the journey to other destinations in Thailand.

The Blue Zone Sandbox Destinations

Required Documents:

  • A Certificate of Vaccination (fully vaccinated) with an approved vaccine at least 14 days before travelling.
  • Those previously infected within 3 months must have received 1 dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before travelling.
  • Travelers under 18 years of age, travelling with parents or guardians, are exempt from the vaccination requirement.
  • A Medical Certificate with an RT-PCR lab result indicating that Covid-19 is not detected issued no more than 72 hours before travelling (all travellers).
  • A confirmed payment for SHA+ accommodation, and RT-PCR test.
  • An insurance policy with coverage no less than US$50,000.

Applying for a Thailand Pass

  1. Register for a Thailand Pass when (or if) it becomes available Nov. 1.
  2. Or, until then, apply for a Certificate of Entry at a local embassy or consulate. Warning: Some embassies are ignoring this and refusing to issue CoEs, telling people to wait until Nov. 1 and use the online system.
  3. Upload the required document (along with the valid visa/re-entry permit, if required), and allow three to five working days for the approval process. Wait for the approval of the vaccine certification and paid accommodation, including the RT-PCR test.
  4. Confirm the approval, and receive a Thailand Pass QR Code (or COE).

Arrival in Thailand

  1. Present the Thailand Pass QR Code or CoE to the Health Control to carry out checks, then proceed through the Immigration procedures.
  2. Undergo the RT-PCR Covid-19 test at the reserved accommodation, or the pre-arranged test centre. (Children aged under 6 years have a saliva test.)
  3. Proceed to the hotel by the pre-arranged airport transfer. (Distance from the airport within five hours.)
  4. Download and install the MorChana application at the hotel.
  5. Wait for the test result within the hotel room.

During Your Stay

  • Stay at least the first seven nights within one of the 17 “Blue Zone Sandbox” destinations if planning to continue the journey to other destinations in Thailand.
  • If staying less than seven nights, you must leave Thailand immediately on a direct flight to another country.
  • Practice the “D-M-H-T-T-A” precautions: D – Distancing, M – Mask wearing, H – Handwashing, T – Temperature check, T – Testing for COVID-19, and A – alert application.

All travelers are subject to two required Covid-19 tests: the first test upon arrival by an RT-PCR method, and the second test on Day six or seven by self-testing antigen test kit.

When You Are Leaving

After having completed a seven-night stay in one of the 17 “Blue Zone Sandbox” destinations, you are free to go anywhere in Thailand or leave Thailand to other countries.

However, travelers are advised to follow the guidelines and measures announced by the respective province/country of their destination.