Thailand’s tourism industry is recovering but has not been restored to normal yet, Siam Commercial Bank said Monday.

The bank’s Economic Intelligence Center urged the government to spend more money to stimulate the tourism sector and not be distracted by data showing that domestic tourism was improving, especially in provinces near Bangkok.

SCB said business is still far below pre-Covid-19 levels and remains vulnerable to the risk of a second Covid-19 outbreak.

EIC predicted that the tourism sector would continue to be sluggish despite eased lockdowns. It explained that foreign tourists have not returned. Besides, domestic tours by Thai people have not been full-scale and they naturally spend much less than foreign tourists.

On average a Thai tourist spent 2,866 baht a day while a foreign tourist did 6,039 baht a day, the center said.

The government and the private sector needed to introduce effective stimulus measures and marketing campaigns to encourage Thai tourists to go on vacation and it would be helpful to support the tourism sector when it had to depend on local tourists, EIC said.

Meanwhile, the ministries of Public Health and Tourism and Sports are promoting tourism with the “3Cs” principle of “Care, Clean and Clear” to ensure good health for tourists.

Wacharapong Khuwijitsuwan, secretary to the minister of public health, said after chairing a workshop on food hygiene at tourist destinations in Phuket on Monday that the two ministries were implementing the Care, Clean and Clear principle to guarantee good health in the tourism sector.

Care means standard services at hospitals. Clean refers to the cleanliness of premises including restaurants, food stalls and public toilets. Clear focuses on the good ventilation of places and buildings, he said.