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Transport Co. Backs Off Anti-Foreigner Policy, Wat Pho Doubles Down

Transport Co Bus Thailand Bangkok
The Transport Co. interprovincial bus operator is banning foreigners while also refusing to use the government's contact-tracing app.

Interprovincial bus operator Transport Co. on Saturday reversed its decision to ban foreigners on its coaches, but a popular Bangkok temple doubled-down on its racist policy.

The bus line quietly ended its rule prohibiting non-Thais from bus travel, even if the foreigner has a work permit or permanent residency. Executives had claimed Thai identification cards were needed to book tickets under the emergency decree, although no other transport operator said the same.

Faced with massive backlash for its xenophobic, racist policy, the bus company is now allowing all passengers.

Popular Wat Pho – the Temple of the Reclining Buddha – in Bangkok, however, has doubled-down on its Thai-only policy.

After putting out a statement late Friday claiming it was barring foreigners due to ongoing renovations – that somehow don’t stop Thais from entering – a temple spokesman said Saturday the temple was doing so out of fear foreign tourists pay 200 baht to get in and find many parts of the complex closed.

Of course, there are few if any “tourists” left in Thailand – those who are here are expats – and the simplest solution would be to drop entry fees during the renovation.