WATCH: Thailand Maps Out 1st Month of Foreign Tourist Arrivals Since March

Thailand tomorrow will welcome its first group of foreign tourists since March with the arrival of 150 Chinese visitors taking a charter flight from Guangzhou to Phuket.

The travelers are the first to enter the kingdom using the new Special Tourist Visa, which permits foreigners to stay up to 270 days.

There also will be another seven international business operators coming to Thailand tomorrow.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Natapanu Nopakun there will be other special flights this month, mostly bringing in approximately 100 people on each flight.

All inbound passengers will be screened for fevers upon arrival and transported to each individual’s chosen hotel for the required 14-day quarantine.

Prior to their release, a final Covid-19 test will be conducted to ensure they are not infected before being released into the general public.

Natapanu also said demand by foreigners wishing to enter Thailand has been high.

Since the government announced the introduction of the new STV visa and the expansion of eligible groups of visitors to the kingdom, Thai embassies have received many applications.

He assured the applicants that all embassies are expediting their work in issuing appropriate visas.

However, he added, the kingdom is doing it on a step-by-step basis, starting with small groups of qualified foreigners from low-risk countries.