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Cabinet OKs ฿5.6 Billion Bailouts of SRT, BMTA

SRT State Railway of Thailand train railroad

The Cabinet on Tuesday pledged 5.6 billion baht in bailouts for the State Railway of Thailand and Bangkok Mass Transit Authority to mop up their financial losses.

The government says this financial aid will help ensure affordable services for the public.

Government spokeswoman Rachada Dhanadirek said the two state-owned transport operators have incurred losses while charging lower-than-cost fares.

From the total, a 2.28 billion baht will be provided to the BMTA, while 3.28 billion will be handed to the SRT.

The Cabinet has also approved a campaign promoting electronic donations to Siriraj Foundation and Chulabhorn Foundation for public health purposes. The general public or private firms can receive a tax rebate from their donations to these two foundations.