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Consumer Board to Help Flyers Get Faster Refunds for Canceled Flights

Canceled Flights at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Thailand

The Consumer Protection Board will help flyers get refunds faster for flights canceled during the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister’s Office Minister Anucha Nakasai, who oversees the OCPD, noted at Friday’s meeting that the agency had obtained refunds for disgruntled fliers, but complaints continue to pour in about canceled flights and slow refunds.

Anucha said after the meeting that the OCPB had held discussions with airline operators regarding refunds, while representing consumers in legal action.

He also delivered his work policy to the OCPB and urged the agency to work more proactively and to exercise Section 21 of the Criminal Code to help speed up the investigation of consumer complaints.

In 2019, the OCPB was able to help more than 10,000 consumers receive refunds worth more than 100 million baht.