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Don Muang Airport Moves Bus Depot, Adds Covid-19 Test Labs


Don Muang International Airport relocated the stop for Airport Bus routes A1-A4 to the front of a passenger terminal to relieve traffic congestion.

Previously located in front of Entrance 12, the boarding locations for A1-A4 airport buses are now located in front of entrances 7 and 8 at Terminal 1’s arrivals level and a station located at the service hall north of Terminal 1.

The new bus stops will give waiting passengers more space compared with the previous location that had only limited space. It also will help improve traffic flow within the airport.

The new bus stops allow the buses to immediately exit the airport to Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, reducing transit times.

Don Muang General Manager Sumpun Kutranon said Tuesday that the airport trialed the new boarding locations since Aug. 25 and has found them optimal.

Passengers however, need to walk 90 meters further to reach the new bus stops, but will benefit from better facilities inside the air-conditioned waiting area, he said.

Sumpun said the airport has made preparations for the resumption of international flights, including renovations to the passenger terminals and facilities as well as the installation of virus-testing stations capable of handling up to 200 samples per day with results delivered within three hours.