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Cap Diesel at ฿25 or 3,000 Trucks Overrun Bangkok, Driver Union Threatens PM

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The Land Transport Federation will send written demands to the prime minister, demanding his government limit the price of diesel fuel at 25 baht a liter, threatening to deploy 3,000 trucks to Bangkok if he doesn’t.

The extortive demand from Thongyoo Khongkhan, chief advisor to the federation, said the demands would be sent to PM Prayut Chan-o-cha once he returns from a conference aboard Wednesday.

Thongyoo said the federation would seek to meet Prayut – in his capacity as the chairman of the National Energy Policy Council, which is authorized to restructure energy prices in the country.

A diesel price of no more than 25 baht a liter was possible and necessary under the present economic situation, he said.

Government beancounters think otherwise, saying even an artificial price cap of 30 baht a lliter is costing the government 6 billon baht a month, which is unsustainable.

He also said the federation planned to have 3,000 big trucks run from Bangkok’s outskirts into the capital outside rush hours on Nov. 16 to reinforce its demand.