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MEA Inspects First Batch of Bangkok Electric Buses

Bangkok Electric Buses Being Developed for BMTA Thailand Vehicles

Metropolitan Electricity Authority officials on Saturday took at look at the first electric buses being built for the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority.

Manat Aroonvatanaporn, the MEA’s research and development director, brought a team of engineers to two factories – Sakun C Innovation Co. and Choknamchai Co. – in Suphan Buri Province to check on development and testing of the so-called “e-buses”.

The project that MEA is implementing together with the National Science and Technology Development Agency is aimed at enabling the BMTA to move its fleet to electric buses to improve air quality.

The partnership will introduce electric vehicles for public service and Thailand can move towards being a country that will use electricity as a main source of its energy consumption.

The e-bus research and development project also complies with the government’s policy to develop Thai electric vehicles.