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Wanna Buy a Airliner? Thai Airways Has 34 to Sell at Rock-Bottom Prices

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Thai Airways International announced Friday it is selling 34 planes including Boeing 747 and 777-300 aircraft and will receive bids until Nov. 13.

The airline made the announcement to sell its aircraft that had been mostly used for over 20 years. Interested parties can register via email.

The 34 planes comprise one Airbus A300-600 aircraft, two Boeing 737-400s, three Airbus A340-500s, six Airbus A340-600s, ten Boing 747-400s, six Boeing 777-200s and six Boeing 777-300s.

THAI said that most of the planes had been used for over 20 years and A340 planes had been in use for 12-15 years. It assured that all the planes were usable but warranty would not be included.

Conditions for the sales were subject to change, THAI said.

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