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True Joins AIS is Cozying Up to Chinese 5G Firms Banned in West

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Even as market leader Advanced Info Services Plc. invited China’s Huawei Technolgies Co. to bid to build its 5G core network, rival True Corp. said it will adopt ZTE Corp.’s 5G RAN products and services to build a its own next-gen data network in Thailand.

ZTE will provide True with products including 5G 64TR/32TR/8TR/4TR macro stations and single-band/multi-band indoor QCell to build a high-performance tri-band 5G network on the 700MHz, 2.6GHz and 26GHz bands.

True said ZTE’s 5G products and technologies will enable it to rapidly improve its wireless-system capacity and user experience.

Since 2019, ZTE has been working with True in various technical tests, jointly verifying multiple 5G products.

Thailand’s embrace of Chinese 5G infrastructure comes even as both Huawei and ZTE are being banned across the west due to the potential for Beijing to co-opt their systems to spy on foreign nations.

AIS said last month that U.S. allegations were “not proven” and that AIS was confident it can protect itself by putting clauses into contracts “specifying what (Huawei) shouldn’t do”.

Renowned hacker, programmer and now Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang said Thailand and other countries that use Chinese equipment in their core telecom infrastructure are basically inviting a “Trojan horse” into their networks.