Masks and social distancing are few and far to be seen every night at Bangkok's Artbox on Sukhumvit Road.

Thailand’s 2nd Wave is Coming: Vietnam Proves It

Obvious parallels of open economy, waning mask use, more domestic tourism and rising illegal immigration make new Thai outbreak a matter of when, not if.
Anutin Charnvirakul Thailand Public Health Minister-2

Don’t Believe Anutin: Thailand Not Getting 32m Pfizer Doses in Q4

False claim proves public health minister knows almost as little about calendars and truth as he does about managing the coronavirus epidemic.
Thailand Thai Fruit Durain Mango

Twitter Loses It Over NYT Story Praising Thai Fruits

Humorless, self-anointed Thai culture experts – many outside Thailand – go nuts over light-hearted New York Times article on Thai fruit
Vorayuth Red Bull Plane Exile Fugitive

Why do Thailand’s Rich, Powerful Get Away With Murder?

UCA News' Benjamin Freeman argues laws apply only to those who don't have enough money or influence to flout them
The Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydroelectric project where a dam failed in Laos in 2018.

Laos Slides Closer to Puppet State as China Grab Control of...

Analysis: UCA News' Luke Hunt says years of reckless spending and a Chinese debt trap have left Thailand's neighbor on thin ice
Run Against Dictatorship Protest Thailand Bangkok

Farang Forward: Expats Swap Keyboards for Fanny Packs to Join Thai...

Foreigners don't get a vote, so why don't they mind their own business?
Thomas Hansen

German’s ‘Greatest Adventure’ Was Trying – and Failing – to Get...

A 1st-person tale of how Thomas Hansen was repeatedly rejected by both the CoE & Thailand Pass systems prompting him to holiday elsewhere.
Restaurant diiners patrons drinking alcohol booze beer

Bangkok’s Booze Limits Protect Corrupt Police, Not Restaurant Patrons

. By limiting alcohol sales to SHA venues until 9 p.m., Bangkok Gov. Aswin gave his police buddies 2 more ways to extort struggling restaurateurs.
Thousands of student-age protestors face off against Thai police at Bangkok's Pathumwan intersection Oct. 16. (Photo: Tyler Roney for the Bangkok Herald)

Prayut, It’s Time to Go

UCA News’ Benjamin Freeman argues Thailand’s PM has overstayed his welcome with crackdown on peaceful student protesters
Facebook Censorship

Exactly Where Does Facebook Think It Can Sue Thailand?

Analysis: The social network's lawsuit threat is a joke, and its critics know it
Twitter Thai Army Democracy Protests Disinformation

Thai Army Proves as Inept at Online Propaganda as It Is...

Analysis: No, disinformation against a your own citizens isn't normal. That the army bungled it so badly doesn't make it less wrong.
Covid-19 Coronavirus Quarantine

Thailand’s Virus Hawks Hell-Bent on Crippling Tourism in Futile Bid to...

Analysis: 1,000-visitor caps, exorbitant insurance requirements and long quarantines will flatten any travel-bubble schemes, adding to hospitality sector's pain
Mahachai Central Fresh Shrimp Seafood Market Samut Sakhon Thailand Coronavirus Covid-19-3

Thailand Again Scapegoats Burmese, with Razor Wire, Calls for Reporting of...

It's not the first, nor will be the last, time Thais blame Myanmar neighbors for own failings
Riot police line up to disperse protestors at Bangkok's Ratchprasong intersection Oct. 15.

End Game Uncertain as Pro-Democracy Movement Meets Immovable Gov’t Force

On 3rd night of protests, demonstrators blasted with water cannons, batons. Where activists go from here unclear

Stop Moaning About Pattaya Beach Trees: They’re Not Special & Project...

Critics have short memories: Trees are replaced regularly. And while it looks bad, the project must start now, or leave Pattaya Beach uncompetitive for years.

Does Thailand’s ‘New Normal’ Mean ‘Mindless Panic’?

It would be easy to laugh off the overreaction to Rayong's health scare as silly “Thainess”. But it’s more sinister than that.
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha picks some longgong while visiting fruit growers in tambon Tapong, Muang district of Rayong

Let Them Eat Fruit: Medical Workers Want mRNA Vaccines; Prayut Gave...

The top item on the wish list of Thailand’s frontline medical workers and volunteers is an mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha gave...
English Foreign Farang Teachers Classroom Thailand Students School

Thailand English Proficiency Now 13th Worst in World

. Kingdom's annual ranking falls 26 points in 2 years, now worst in SE Asia
Wat Pho Temple Reclining Buddha Bangkok Thailand

Thailand Temples, Bus Lines Using Coronavirus as Cover for Anti-Foreign Racism

Even as the U.S., Europe and Australia reckon with institutional racism and treatment of minorities, Thailand is using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse...
UNDP Thailand and a local NGO arranged for the delivery face masks to the ethnic community in Phuket Province

Thailand’s Covid-19 Response: An Example of Resilience, Solidarity

Gita Sabharwal, the UN Resident Coordinator in Thailand, explains that this success is thanks to a combination of government action, social responsibility and community solidarity.
Vorayuth Yoovidhya Red Bull Heir Thailand

U-Turn for Ignored Evidence Was Only Way Forward For Caught-Out OAG...

Analysis: Dropping Vorayuth charges was so egregiously corrupt, only way to save face was to use data discarded in 2012 to press new charges
Thailand Hospital ICU Coronavirus COvid19

Prayut Falsely Claims Thailand Asia’s #1 Coronavirus Killer, But Country’s Record...

The PM said Thailand ranks first in Asia for quashing Covid-19? Not so fast...
Airport Empty Gate

Of Bubbles, Viruses and Thailand’s Reality Distortion Field

The CCSA rejected the Cabinet's 'travel bubble' plan because it didn't include lengthy quarantines. That's the entire point of them.
Bang Sue Grand Station Vaccination Center Crowding Bangkok Thailand

Thailand Gov’t Befuddled by Severe Public-Health Crisis

Guest commentator Michael James reasons that the government's incompetence in quashing the coronavirus epidemic is setting the scene for a regime change, one way or another.
ThaiChana Thailand Checkin App Central World Shoping Mall Covid-19 Contact Tracing App

5.1 million sacrifice privacy to Thai Chana virus-tracing app in first...

More than 5 million people used the government’s new Thai Chana mobile app to check in to shopping malls and other retailers in its...
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